Google Now service for iOS will release shortly

Google Now is one of the most effective services from the internet search giant, delivers right informations at right time. The devices with android 4.1 updation have Google Now support. Google chairman Eric Schmidt officially announced that Google Now service for iOS will release shortly.

Google Now service for iOSEric Schmidt shared this information during Q&A session in Google. Apple iPad and iPhone are the devices that are going to get the Google Now updation. He said that it is waiting under approval from Apple. Google Voice, You Tube and Google Maps are most popular application in Apple store. It is thinks to be Apple will add Google Now to these line applications.

Google Now service for iOS

Google Now is intelligent personal assistant service from Google. It is works on the basis of your Google search. It provides various cards in association with different categories. Google Now provides the cards according to your repeated searches.

Google Now offers more than 25 cards for the users. It includes traffic, weather, friend’s birthday…Etc. The backbone of Google Now is the knowledge graph itself. The huge database of Google provides any information at any time.

Google Now application automatically shows off a number of cards at a time. It depends on your frequent search using Google service. When you scroll down you can see other cards also. The power of Google Now is nothing but it automatically conveys the informations at right time. You will get real time weather reports traffic condition share market news without having checked it. It automatically updates the things you liked most and show off them at relevant time

It is thinks to be Apple will approve Google Now in Apple store very shortly. If it is approved then it will surely become a most focusing application in Apple store. Moreover it strengthens the relation between Google and Apple.