Google News updated with specific editors picks and new sports scores

The search giant Google have a futuristic vision on users want and they always introduce right features in right time. Today Google News updated with specific editors picks and new sports scores.

Google news updated with specific editors picksGoogle New is a service that allows us to gets a quick overview on what all matters happening around the world. It includes all major sections that integrated with our daily life. The specific editors picks updated to Google news will helps you to get with the trending news from favorite categories.

  • New sports score.
  • Updated weather section.
  • The editor’s pick section.sports scores google news

The new sports score section within Google News allows the user to picks the news from their favorite sports section. Currently this feature available only for US visitors. Google will expand it to other countries very soon. As it becomes a customizable section you can turn on only for the favorite sports. So that the sport section will show off time to time updations only from those information Google News

Another noticeable feature that touch with Google News is the smarter weather section. It shows off weather news of four days starting from today. It allows you to gets quick glance on weather updates in a time interval. You can set the location manually within this section of Google News.

The third feature that comes to Google News on today is editor’s pick section. It allows the visitors to gets the news from the desired areas at their wish.Currently Google give more importance to technology and business. But in later they introduced further more features that allow the visitors to choose news from wide range of areas.editor's pick Google News

Google’s new updation within their news service highlight as an alternative for Google reader. The new features within Google News allow an average user to get all possible updates from major areas. Also the customization facility within the service make it user friendly one. We can also expect for more features from Google within this service.