Google Maps update brings uber integration and improved navigations

Today Google released major update for it’s map application. The list of new feature improved navigations,advanced filters, offline usage and uber integration. The new update available for Google Maps for Android and iOS.

Always keep you within the right route

The improved navigations within Google Maps let you to keep away from wrong routes. It shows off the alternate routes for reaching the destination at right time. Google also offers line guidance for United States, Japan and Canada, makes better overview on the route you are following.

The new filters within the application makes faster browsing for restaurants, hotel and bars. In such a way you can easily find out where the rooms are available, price listing and much more.

Uber app integration for making faster request for a ride

The new updation bring uber app integration for Google Maps. The uber option help to jump into the application while you navigating. You demand to have uber application within your device for enjoying this feature. So that you can easily hire vehicle for a ride, only available selected cities.Uber

More public transit informations

When you search for direction to a particular place using Google Maps you can also choose the desired transport system. Google will bring you accurate public transit informations for a particular time and date so that you never miss any train or bus.public transist

Offline usage

From place infor sheet within Google Maps you can find our right tourist destinations across the world. You can also save the info sheet of a particular place for offline usage so that can check it at anytime without having internet. You only need to hit ‘save map to offline’ from app, can retrieve data i sign in mode from profile.