Google Maps for iOS gets its first ever updation

Apple’s flap map introduced along with iOS6 force the Company to bring back Google Maps, made a come back in December 2012. Now the Google Maps for iOS gets its first ever updation.

Google Maps for iOS gets its first ever updationThe updation within Google Maps for iOS includes several new features. One of the promising features within the updation is integration with Google contacts. It helps to get all addresses and places within the contact list. So that we can easily spot one’s location.

The new searching bar within the service allows us to get the nearby places at one click. It includes restaurants, Grocery, Post office…Etc. The service will automatically show off some results without having typing the phrases in searching bar. The updation also includes the option to toggle between miles and kilometers.

Apple’s iOS map application is one of the biggest mistake that ever made by the Company. It ends with several errors. Apple Map in iOS6 application only focused for American countries rather than covering the whole world. But many US countries get misplaced in the map. It didn’t update with public transportation list. Most of all searches ended with geographical errors.

At this stage Apple bring backthe most popular Google Maps service to iOS. It dominates most of all fields within web mapping service. Google Maps covered street view, satellite view, route planner, turn by turn directions, and plans for vehicles at its best.  It includes 1million public transportation schedule across 500 countries.

Google Maps became the only web mapping service that updated with under water panoramic images. The exploration of Pacific Ocean offers new experience to the viewers. It is done through the tem of Catlin sea survey. Also the panoramic images of north images show off the people about the most isolated place in the earth. Google Maps is at the peak level of web mapping service and we can expect further innovative updation from service.