Updated Google Maps for iOS brings enhanced navigations and new way to discover places

Google rolled out the big updation in Google Maps for android in previous week. After exact one week they rolled out the same features for iOS version of Google Maps. Updated Google Maps for iOS brings enhanced navigations and new way to discover places.

Google Maps for iOS brings enhanced navigationsThe updated Google Maps for iOS now available in app store,supported within iOS 6.0 and later. The new updated application provides new design for iPads. Within the new updated Google Maps you can find a new way of exploring the places. The simple tap within the search box brings place suggestion for to eat, drink and shop.

The enhanced navigations through updated Google Maps for iOS brings services based on your locations. The enhanced navigation system within this updation helps you to get the reports on various problems that are arises in roads. With one click you will get detailed report on a particular problem.

Updated Google Maps for iOS will automatically find out the best route to get your destination and also reroute your path if any problem arises. Google Maps acts as a perfect guide for you. The new rating system within the Google Maps allows get the idea about how your friends and relatives rated particular places. The public review surely makes exact idea about places such as restaurants, bars and coffee houses.Google Maps screen shot

The zagat badge of excellence and curated listing within the search box helps you to be informative about best places. Also the new updation for Google Maps helps to get value offers from your favorite brands like Macy’s, Michael’s and Toys ‘R’ Us. The updated indoor mapping brings walking directions within malls, airports and much other places. It makes clear sense about the local places around you. It is one of the big updation from Google Maps in recent times. We can hope that new innovative features will come in future updations.