Google mapping services updated with new satellite imagery

Exploration with Google mapping service meant to bring world at your fingertip. Today Google mapping services updated with new satellite imagery.

Google mapping services updated with new satellite imagery We already knew that the imagery that included by Google on its mapping services helps the people around the world to get a clear picture on various part of the world. As multimedia contents have more catching power than anything it can convey the geographical information to the users in faster mode. That is why today Google mapping services updated with new satellite imagery

Google mapping services updated with new satellite imagery

Everyone would like to enjoy the visual landscape view of our planet in clearer format. The new satellite imagery of Google mapping services includes cloud-free refreshed images of many locations around the globe. By introducing this feature Google aims to provide the users with much accurate and exact view of mother earth. That is why Google introduced new satellite imagery to it’s mapping service.

Google introduced this feature by taking smart effort on stitching together the images from many locations to form an effective single piece. Google collected hundreds of terabytes of data from USGS’s and NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite. Also they make use of large collections of images of a single place to make exact view of that location.Google's new satalite imagery of Indonesia

The main reason for why this task became tough is that many locations are covered by clouds.  Google aims to provide cloud free satellite images of each location. So they make keen analysis to make a comprehensive view of living planets landscapes and Google introduced new satellite imagery.  By the constant effort Google made a beautiful 800000 megapixel image of the world.

Google featured this high qualified image in both Google Maps and Google Earth. Through this image you can make a global view of the world in much clearer cloud free format. Google reported that if you wish to print this image in resolution of 300 dots you demand a paper size of a city block! Google also included high resolution images of many parts of the world. It is not at all easy to get such clear satellite images from any other service. So enjoy the cloud free high resolution image of this world through Google’s mapping services.