Google Lunar New Year Doodle Vietnam 2014

This time Google celebrated Lunar New Year with three different doodles on 31 January. Lunar New Year is celebrated in many countries with grand functions.

Google Lunar New Year Doodle Vietnam 2014
Google Lunar New Year Doodle Vietnam 2014(January 31, 2014)

In the Google Lunar New Year Doodle Vietnam 2014, The Horse Year is the design. 2014 is regarded s Horse year. Lunisolar calender associates every year with an animal. Red color is also very important part of celebration , so in doodle Red color is used to design the doodle. We can see flowers spread under the Google logo.

As I told, three different and beautiful doodles was designed by Google’s doodlers for the Lunar New Year celebration. In China and neighboring countries Lunar New Year is celebrated widely with grand functions for fifteen day. This is the best known celebration occasion of China. So, Google dedicate an animated Google doodle in same them as Vietnam doodle , The Horse Year in China and neighboring countries.  Association of animals for each year is related to some old legends. This is a year with  particular combination of Yang Wood and Horse Year, which comes only in 60 years interval.

Apart from these countries where Google published animated Horse Year doodle, Koreans also celebrate the New Year in Lunar Calender. In Korea feasting ith family is the major part of celebration. It’s a time of reunion in Korea. So, Google Doodle in Korea  included New Year feast as the theme of doodle. All the three doodles are really apt from search giant to wish people.