Google list out top android applications of 2012

Google Play is the reformed version of Android market where you can find out all your favorite stuffs. Recently Google Play cross a remarkable milestone of 255 billion downloads. . Now Google list out top android applications of 2012.

The applications in the list are those which make great impact on both tablets and Smartphones. All applications are those one comes under the perfect combination of accessibility and utility.


The Zappos is the one of the best applications in Google Play. The popular android application let you to make online shopping without having any efforts. It helps you to purchase your favorite stuffs while you are in works. It is especially focused for latest style for Men, Women and for Childrens. Zappos also provides free shipping and returns. So with Zappos android application you can purchase your basic stuffs with one tap.

Grimm’s Snow White

Grimm’s Snow White is focused for naughty kids. It is a pop-up fairy tale book for them. It is award winning series of stories. Grimm’s Snow White coming under all interesting sections to which the childrens are admire for. Android provides a new reading experience for little childrens. Also they get a chance to get in the ecosystem of popular mobile operating system. The effective online android reader provides pop up scenes while reading. It is featured with 3D and puzzle based games. It helps you stay the attention of childrens.


Evernote is an award winning android application. It is one of the most downloaded applications in Google Play. The application became this much popular because of it helps to reminds you about everything you have to done on your android device. Evernote helps you to stay organized and makes completion of important tasks in right time. It helps you to make out to do list voice reminders and to capture photos. The different notes in Evernote can be synchronizing with all devices. These notes can also turns to be searchable. So Evernote becomes a best guide on your android device.


Pocket is a DVR type android application. It helps you to save the online contents and view it on anytime at your wish. So it let you to view our favorite online without having any internet connection. Whenever you going through an important section in online and you feel view it again just pocket it. The android application helps you to view that particular content whenever you need it. Pocket application can store any type of online contents like articles videos and much more. The real use of Pocket application is it can perform the saved online contents anywhere without having any internet connection.


Pinterest is an effective android application that allows you to pin your favorite web contents and share with loved ones. It also helps to other to know your interest and inspirations. Pinterest application provides a knowledge path to your friends on different categories which are unknown to them and those are within your interests.


This android application is focused for different relationship that depends your life. It helps you to build up relationship tree. You can add members to the tree at your wish. Aldo you can made descriptions and important things belonging to them. With Ancestry you can upload photos to each member in the tree. You can also add new information about them at any time. It also calculates relationship strength on each member in the tree.


Fancy is one of the top rated applications till date. It helps you to get informed about good stuffs in the store and their rates. Also it provides live updation about the store.  The Fancy application allows us to get the best things. It is a time saving application and made purchasing with one tap. personal finance

Mint is a most popular and high rated android application in Google Play. It is the best banking and budget application. The application pulls all your personal account in to one place so that manage it easily. Also you can make your money control from your tablet or Smartphone. Mint allows you to manage your accounts and let to control budget. It reminds you about your money spending and where all it is used. Also keep update with upcoming bills and notifications about your various accounts. So that you can easily manage your personal finance section.

Pixlr Express

It is the ever best android application for editing your images. With Pixlr you can make quick editing of any images. The popular android application let you to made more than 600 effects with Pixlr. It is a complete user friendly application. The application improves your photo editing ability. The simplicity in the tools helps you to understand the usage easily. It is featured with all effective tools which are found in other popular photo editing softwares.