Save your notes with Google Keep chrome extension

Google Keep is the effective note taking services integrated with Google drive. Now you can save your notes with Google Keep chrome extension.

Google Keep chrome extensionThe Google Keep chrome extension allows you to launch the service right from the panel. It’s only takes a few moments to add this extension to chrome browser. Then you have to sign in with Google account to launch the service. The extension provides options to use Google Keep from panel, pop-up or tab.

Google Keep allows you to make notes that are important to you and save securely within Google drive. You can make any kind of notes and to do lists that you have to follow. This service allows you to synchronize through all your devices so that you can access it from anywhere.

Google Keep automatically saves the informations that are added on it by the users. It can be see it in either grid view or list view. It provides options like changing colors, inserting image and adding new lists. The service mainly focused for the important things you have to follow.

Google Keep available for both web version and android version. For android version it is available for only android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich and above. This service also responds to us by voice memos. It is become more convenient for the users to keep informative about the various tasks to be followed.

It is better to make taking note within digital devices other than using manual method.  As a smartphone or tablet is every time with us it helps to update with these notes through Google Keep. Also you can easily search out any notes you can entered within Google Keep. The archiving editing and deletion can be easily being done with this service. So get update with Google Keep.