Google I/O 2014 registration will begin on April 8

This year’s Google I/O conference scheduled for June 25 and June 26th, San Francisco, California. Now Google announced that registration will open on 8th of April.

Update : Google IO 2014 registration pushed back by a week, can make registration between April 15-18, confirmation from Google Developers page

Google I/O 2014 registration will begin on April 8

Google won’t take a first come first served system for Google I/O this year. Registration for Google I/O remains open from 8th April to 10th April, can register at any time. Registration will take place on official website for Google I/O 2014. Google will randomly select the attendees and send tickets confirmations through email.

What to do during registration process

  • You will demands for sign in with Google+ to begin registration.
  • Have to complete required fields within the applications, purchasing of tickets authorized via Google wallet account.
  • Credit card only be charged if you are select for the conference.
  • The ticket can only be used by original registrant.
  • You can also make request for refund until June 1st.

Google will also provide live streaming of keynotes from the events for non-attendees, so that no one will miss the show. Within official Google I/O 2014 website you can play with different experiments and can get a preview of this year’s conference.