Google IO 2013 scheduled for May 15

Google IO is one of the greatest technical event since 2008. For this year Google IO 2013 scheduled for May 15 will host in San Francisco.

Google IO 2013 scheduled for May 15

The redesigned version of Google services is going to be the first ever highlight of Google I/O 2013, includes Google Maps, Google+, Google Play. It is also rumored that Google will launch it’s own music streaming service in Google I/O 2013.

Much expected predictions in Google IO are the upgraded version of Nexus 7 which was released in the market through the Google IO 2012. Rumors says that the new Nexus version will be named as Nexus 7 II and it will include all the option provided by the older series with a package of more than a pair of advanced features like high clarity HD display with narrow display bezel.

It is also have reports that Google I/O 2013 will introduce new android version said to be android 5.0 key lime pie, not confirmed. As there is release of Nexus series, can expect new android release. The Google event will also address keynote from innovative android developers and heads of Google, can also expect the announcement of new services from Google in new sections.

Google have stepped in to several new streams in the recent years. Google is a search engine, email provider, application provider, advertising company and so on the titles for Google will never have an end. Google is said to enter in the internet provider business through Google IO 2013 by its new Google fiber broad band services. These are something among many that we are expecting from Google IO this year. We have to wait for three more months to exactly know what will be the treat Google giving us. Google thinks beyond our imagination and make impossible things possible. So we can witness the real event on May 15th