Google IO 2013 Registration opens on March 13th

Google I/O is the special event from search giant which showcase new products and services, for this it is scheduled for May 15 to 17. Google IO 2013 Registration opens on March 13th.

Google IO 2013 Registration opens on March 13thIt’s on the second Wednesday of March Google opens the registration for Google I/O 2013, have announced that tickets will be given from 13th till when it gets over. $900 will be the ticket charge for the general attendees and $300 for academic attendees. So if you a Google plus account and Google wallet buyer account don’t stand away be a part of the mega event conducted by the Search Giant Google.

As per the expectation more than 5000 people from all around the world will attend the event that is going to take place on May 15th. The host place for the event is San Francisco and more details for this is given in the official developer website of Google. Google IO conference has always been the place for Google to show out their innovative skills.

You can expect redesigned services from search giant through Google I/O 2013, includes Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, webmaster tools..Etc. It is also have a chance for the updation of new algorithm from Google to improve search results.

There is also chance for the announcement of new Nexus devices, also optimization within the service of Google Play. Also as you heard Google also have a plan to release it’s own music service, if that rumor goes true surely it will happens through Google I/O.