Google introduced new tool to disavow links

Site verification through Google is a powerful tool for every webmasters. The quality guidelines provided by Google allow us to improve the site which the users really looking for. Now Google introduced new tool to disavow links which helps the webmasters to keep away the site from irrelevant links.Google introduced new tool to disavow links

One of the main preferences that Google used in page ranking is by looking up the links. The links can reveal the importance of pages. If other sites are linked to your sites it makes sure that your site is content full. So such links can boost up your sites in page ranking.

Because of links have that much importance it is also vulnerable to spamming attacks. The spam links will surely degrade your site. Once your site is verified through Google you will get notifications to webmaster tool when your site is being attacked with unwanted links. Google have a quality guideline-any links which violate this guideline marked as spam link and the related webmaster will notified with relevant message.

google disavow tool

Once the webmaster gets notified with spam link message they will have to remove those links as soon as possible to avoid the site removal from Google. To make your site completely free from such spam link Google introduced disavow link page. Once you get into disavow link page you will have to select your site URL. Then in next step you have to enter the spam link URLs line by line in provided area.

The new tool is very much helpful to make your site out of unwanted links. The modified files can also update to the site. So Google webmaster tool helps us to provide most valuable and content full sites.