Google+ highlights +1 posts within the circles

Google just crossed second anniversary of Google+ service. Today another feature came to the site, Google+ highlights +1 posts within the circles. The new Google+ feature includes both your and your friend’s circle.

Google+ highlights +1 postsAs Google+ highlights +1 posts within your circles helps to discover the recommendations much easier than before. So the recommendations made by your friends on photos, videos and articles can be easily find out through this feature. At the same time your friends can also check your recommendations through +1 highlighting.

Of course Google won’t do anything without giving priority to your privacy. You can decide who can see your recommendations. It is because whenever you make a +1 to any posts peoples within your extended circles can see that posts. Such posts are also reached within the Google+ searches. You can apply control over your recommendations to decide who can see those posts.+1 recommendations highlightning

To remove one particular posts from your stream
  • Click on the drop down button next to that particular post.
  • Select mute post from the dropdown menu.
How to control volume of informations you have received
  • Click on the home button to go to the main stream of your account.
  • Select the desired circled from where you have to apply the limit.
  • The ‘more’ button will show off all circles with one click.
  • Once you select the circle click on the gear icon within the circle card.
  • Select more, standard or fewer at your wish.
Control who can see your +1 activity
  • Select the settings from the Google+ main navigation menu.
  • Click on manage apps and activities.
  • Select Google tab from there.
  • Hit on edit under visibility.
  • From there make you can make desired customization.
  • Once you finished click on save button.

Google will roll out this feature in coming days. One you get this feature you can see “+1 d this” header within your account. We can also hope that even more features from the search giant for Google+ in coming months.