Google Glass explorers selected

According to the new update in the Google+ page for Google Glass the explorers were selected and the invitations for them will be send soon to them via Google+ and twitter. The lucky winners who have shared their idea will get a chance to have Google’s most awaited product in hands before anyone else experience it.

Google Glass explorers selectedGoogle Glass team shared the happiness for the open hand welcome for the program. They said that many interesting, intelligent and crazy responds were got for the program and they will make the results available through Google+ and twitter as soon as possible. They also confirmed that this programs was only for individuals and not for businesses through the post.

Google Glass explorers selected

It was few weeks before Google announced the program of Google Glass explorers. It is to make expansions in this product according to the ideas of common man Google organized this program giving chance for everyone to be part of it.

Google Glass seems to be a product which changes the entire outlook of the world. The time for making this a realization is getting near as per the rumors. Though there is no confirmation from the developers about this product hopefully it will be in world market by the end of this year.

Project on Google glass started before two years from then it was in news headlines. Recently in last month new video on Google Glass were out for Google fans. Google glass video that was released shows the vast possibilities of the product.

If the expectations are true Google project glasses will be the small smart wearable devices which do all that smartphone does for you and many more. If you have a Google glass with you then you can do everything that you need.

Google glass includes applications for language translation, video call, music play, capturing images and sharing and many more. The main highlight of this product is that you can get all these facilities by speaking simple words to glass. It will guide you as a good guide in all places.

Sergey Brin, one of the co-founder of Google is the main man behind this Google product. Sergey Brin was spotted in New York subway wearing Google Glass. Recently in TED 2013 he spoke about the Google glasses and its future possibilities. He demonstrated the use of wearable computing device by showing how much stressful it is took to your smartphones or similar devices continuously which takes of your concentration from everything else.

He told that it’s this stress of continuously looking down in mobile device made gave him the inspiration for working on a device to solve this problem, the Google Glass. Apart from these features Google glass have many other brilliant features too. If the expectations are true Google Glass will be the best device that world have seen.

Now the lucky Google glass explorers will get the chance to explore the products first. So we can wait for their experience on the device. Though we actually don’t know the date for the release of the device it’s sure that the day will make a change to the entire system of world.