Google glass delays addition of face recognition app

When we talk about Google glass the main question arise in our mind is the exploitation of personal information by this device. Now Google give a perfect answer for this. Google glass delays addition of face recognition app.

Google glass delays addition of face recognition appWe know very well that Google is focusing for expectations of users than anything. They continuously check out for what the customers have to say about the product. Of course the personal information gathering at glance not at all good for any one. So at this time Google won’t add the feature will helps to recognize the people with G+ profile through the head mounted computer. The officially announced it through Glass channel of Google+ site.

“When we started the explorer program nearly a year ago our goal was simple: we wanted to make people active participants in shaping the future of this technology ahead of a broader consumer launch. We have been listening close to you, many you have expressed both interest and concern around the possibilities of facial recognition in Glass.

As Google has said for several years, we won’t add facial recognition feature to our product having strong privacy protection in place. With that in mind, we won’t be approving facial recognition glassware at this time. We have learned a lot from you in just a few weeks we’ll continue to learn more as we update the software and evolve the policies in weeks and month ahead” Google shared through official Google+ page for project glass.

This is going to be a right decision for the excelling marketing for Google glass in future. Google also tell in the privacy policies that don’t use microphone and camera for collecting personal informations of others. They also have a plan to introduce the face recognition feature without the exploitation of personal information. Google also under working for delivering effective applications for ‘Glass’ even the face recognition platform get closed.