Google glass applications officially gets introduced in SXSW

Google focused to make continuous improvements to their wearable computing device Google glass before public release. Now Google glass applications officially gets introduced in SXSW.

Google glass applications officially gets introduced in SXSWThe important apps included in Google glass are Gmail, ever note, path and The New York times. Google glass is featured with many more services but the developers didn’t disclose them at this time.

The main attraction of Google glass is nothing but it won’t interrupt you to from doing other things. You can keep on what you are doing while you using Google glass. Gmail is the best ever mailing service today exits. This application within the Google glass helps to receive important mails without having any interruption. You can compose mail by dictation. It saves the time and makes the inputting much faster.

Ever note and path are most advanced editing softwares till exits. The New York time application gives live news that is happening around you. It also helps you to gets into each headline at your wish.

Google glass is developed under the guidance of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. It can do most of all things that we can do with the Smartphone. Google glass is featured with processor, battery and camera. It looks like a normal wearable glass. A small display is attached to the right lens of the glass. It will make a virtual display infront of our eye ball which shows off every service.

If you are using a Smartphone or tablet you have to keep eye in it for sure. The main advantage of using Google glass is it won’t interrupt us doing other things. It acts as a perfect guide to our day to day life. The backbone of Google glass is the voice commands given by the users. As it is featured with Google Now service it delivers right informations at right time.

Moreover it automatically shows of the news around you. It includes weather reports, traffic news…Etc. The innovative device runs on android operating system. It is deeply integrated to Google+. You can chat with your friends can see updations and share the contents while you are walking down the street. It helps to makes the connections with the peoples more alive.

With simple voice commands you can took photos instantly. These photos can be shared with your Google+ friends at your wish. The advanced Google Maps service provides all transportation schedules, turn by turn directions, walking routes automatically. It responds to you by making sound signal at your brain through vibrating the ear bones. Google granted with patent for that from US court.