Google announced expansion of Google Fiber service to Olathe

The 1GB/s internet service from Google holds by Kanas city in preliminary. Now Google fiber service to Olathe got announced by the Company.

Google Fiber service to OlatheGoogle Fiber helps us to experience internet in a different way that we had never done before. The current status of Olathe city in Kansas is very high because of its growth in business and other sectors. Google is planning to make it more accurate by Google Fiber service.

Possibilities of developments in Kanas can be skillfully used and the perfect output can be generated by this Google Fiber service expansion to the city. It was Rachael Hacker, the Google Fiber community manager who confirmed about this news today.

By using the Google Fiber service for internet access we can experience the world of network hundred times faster than what we are experiencing today. It’s the internet service which is fastest which is capable of transmitting 1 giga bytes per second.

It was 9 months before Search Giant Google came with is Fiber service to Kanas city. Now they are expanding it to Olathe. This is a good symbol by few period of time we can expects the Google Fiber service in almost all places. If it happen so then it will provide a new internet experience to the entire world.

Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland also stated about their partnership with Google to bring it the next generation Google Fiber service in the city. He stated that the city council is much exited to go with collaboration with Google in their next generation fiber optic service expansion to the city.

Google Fiber has got many possibilities in it. As its Google service we can see something new, innovative and different in it. As we can see in official site its Google Fiber not a cable or simple internet.

Google have not announced about the preregistration and further proceedings of the service. It is expected to be available for Olathe people as fast as possible to get new Crystal clear HDTV experience and lightning seed internet service.