Google edition HTC One will introduce very soon

One of the interesting that we encountered at Google I/O event was announcement of Galaxy SIV with stock android. The sales wills starts from June 26th. Now some reports says that Google edition HTC One will introduce very soon.

HTC One Google editionHTC One is one the best ever Smartphones launched in this year. Recently it is reported that the first ever ultra-pixel Smartphone hits 5 million in sales. Of course the ultra-pixel sensor and aluminum uni body makes this phone an ideal one. Surely the new report about Google edition HTC One will becomes happy news for cellphone lovers.

Geek is the first reporter of this news. The official confirmation of HTC One with stock android not yet announce by the Company. The reports say that it is under development. The HTC One with stock android will release in summer. At first the sales starts in US under the care of Google Inc.

The Google edition HTC One will comes up without having HTC sense UI. So the new updation makes several changes within the phone. The vanilla android on HTC One will provide complete Google experience. It is thinks to be HTC One with pure android will increase the sales of this flagship Smartphone.

An overlook on stock android

  • The stock android is referred to the version that can provide pure Google experience.
  • The installation of stock android is taken off the custom interfaces provided by the manufacture.
  • A Smartphone with custom ROM can’t get with stock android.
  • It can be seen with Nexus devices. Those devices provide pure Google experience. Also the first ever updation of new version gets on devices with stock android.
  • The custom interfaces like HTV sense Samsung touchwiz have to be removes when handsets from such manufactures.
  • The installation of stock android also makes changes within the services of that phone which runs on manufacture software till then.