Google Earth Outreach celebrating 6th Birthday

There is no area without the hand of Google in today’s world. Google services are really beneficial for the users and it stand by strictly following their motto ‘Work without Evil’. Now Google Earth Outreach, the program Google started to help non profitable organizations to make billions of people aware of the story and cause of their impactin the areas they work and share the information is 6 years old.

Google Earth OutreachThe most beneficial use of Earth Outreach is its ability to spread the knowledge of use of Google Map and Google earth service in the best way. It was in the year 2007 Google Earth Outreach was introduced by Google on June 26th.

It was in 2005 Google introduced a service to rescue the people who became victims of Katrina in September the significance of this program came in to the mind of developers. It was after analyzing what the people really need for about a year Google came up with this perfect service in the year 2007.

Google provide different tools like Google Map engine, Google Earth, Google Map Coordinate, Open Data kit, Spread Sheet mapper etc to explore the world. By utilizing all the possibilities of these Google tools we can perfectly educate and work for the world with Google Earth Outreach.

From the time when Google’s Earth Outreach is introduced a number of non-profitable organizations are using this service from Google every year. With the help of this program from Google we can educate people on various sectors like human rights, public health, and protection of forest, cultural heritage, social services and many more.

Google Earth Outreach explorationsThe virtual Map from Google is very much useful and moreover gives an exciting view of earth. It was in the year 2005 Google introduced Google Earth. Since then we were using it to explore world.

Google’s Earth Outreach developers provides all help for the organizations who initiate the use of this program from Google to do some thing good for world. So by right way of utilizing the Google service you can even change the world. Google always introduces new products which takes the world to a different level.

On the 6th birthday of Google Earth Outreach, we can thank Google for providing such services and tools for serving humanity. We can expect more such services from Google in future.