Google drive – Most secure place for all your stuffs

Google had launched it’s cloud based storage device called Google drive – where you can store all your Google documents including most of all file types like music videos PDF files and beyond. You just need a Gmail account to start with this new innovation.

google drive

Drive application available  for windows and Mac OS.It will create a new folder called ‘drive’  there you can see all your files in the cloud and you can add new files it will instantly  synchronize with cloud.  Google drive will also add new feature called OCR text scanning with which if there is any text in an image that you upload then Google will scan that image for text and make it searchable.

Google also looks up for adding documents from Gmail to drive. Nowadays everyone have Gmail account so that this service can easily achievable. With Google drive you can create collaborate and share the documents . With the shared items you can make discussion between others and you will get real time notifications. Being  drive is a cloud service you can access your stuffs anywhere you are and the files are at most secure place forever. Once your files are stored you can search it by keywords and file types. So it can be easily accessable.

You will get 5GB free storage at the start and you can upgrade it to 25 GB for $ 2.49/month 100GB for $4.99/month and 1TB for $49.99 /month. When you upgrade to paid account then your Gmail   storage will expand to 25 GB. You can easily make discussions and can store within Google drive. It can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Unique features of Google Drive

  • It is a cloud based service from Google.
  • You can access from anywhere at any time.
  • Google documents, sheets and various slides automatically detects the changes you have made ans saves the files.
  • You can also make discussion about a topic.