Why Google Doodles are so important

It’s common to see logo changes on special occasions and memorable days known as Doodles on Google  homepage. Have you ever thought, Why Google is doodling? Just think about it.

Wy Google Doodle is so ImportantIt’s 10 years after the initial submission for the patent in 2001, on 22 March 2011 Google won patent for Google doodles ‘System and methods for enticing users to access website’.Since 1998, Google came up with changes in logo on the homepage starting from burning man doodle. It seems quite interesting, Right? There’s no benefit from logo changes and Google have waited 10 years to get a patent for this.

Why Google Doodles are So important?

I think Doodles are more beneficial for Google users in many aspects than Google, except that the search giant can social themselves in all fields by introducing prominent personalities with doodles on their birthdays and on other festive occasions. Now we can see What Google users get with doodles.

Google Doodles introduces different culture to world

Festive doodles,doodle to announce events around the world, special doodles for Olympics,games and sports speaks more than world in a glimpse. Seeing this doodle a Google user can understand what is going around and what is the specialty of the day. If you want to know more about the event, user just need to have a single click and Google will take you to the pages in the Knowledge graph for what doodle is meant for.

Doodle 4 Google competition to bring out talents in students

It’s an appreciable thing that Google is publishing the doodles created by young children around the world after conducting their country wise doodle drawing competition ‘Doodle 4 Google‘. It’s quite appreciable move from the side of search giant. Children can showcase their talents to the world with the competition.

With this ,Google is providing benefit to the schools ,giving a opportunity to common man to speak out the thoughts on a particular topic with their own doodles.

Showing respect and honor for legends who made Today’s world

Birthday doodles for poets, writers, architects, scientists, artist..etc make world know about their contribution in shaping the modern culture. It was to honor them for what they did. With special birthday doodles, Google make new generation know what and how we went through the past.

No doubt ‘Knowledge is Power’

When a Google doodle appear on the homepage, every one who see it will have a tendency to move your cursor above it. Okey, it’s enough ,you will be introduced to a person, festival or an event on the day. If you are interested in it, you can move on to the search page for it by clicking on it. ‘Pictures speaks more than hundred words’ ,It’s the simple logic used by search giant.

Here are some best Google doodles from search giant

Just take a glimpse on the doodles below, and say whether there will be any who have not thought for a second about these beautiful doodles, played the game in it or enjoyed the animation in it after seeing it.

Google Doodle for 15th Birthday of Google

Google's 15th Birthday Doodle
Google’s 15th Birthday Doodle

This was a Pinata doodle. It was a playable one and was one among the most played doodle in doodle history.

Google Doodle for Dian Fossy

Dian Fossy Google Doodle
Dian Fossy Google Doodle

This was a birthday doodle in honor of Dian Fossy. Though there was no animation and effects in it, the doodle was perfect to make world know who she was. It also explained itself about for what she is famous for.

Google Doodle for Mount Fuji World Heritage Site announcement

Mt Fuji World Heritage Site
Mt Fuji World Heritage Site

It is to announce the current event Google published this particular Fuji  doodle. By this type of doodles, Google also share the happiness of the particular event with people.

Google Doodle for Olympics

BasketBall 2013 Google Doodle
BasketBall 2013 Google Doodle

Sports and games have become a common theme doodles since it started. Google have came up with interactive, non interactive and animated doodles for Olympics and world cups.

Google Doodle for the burning Man Festival

Burning Man Google Doodle
Burning Man Google Doodle

Burning Man doodle , Google started the doodle history by marking this event on the home page in 1998. Since then till now, the search giant have came up with more than 1500 doodle.

So, Google doodles are giving some knowledge to common man in one way or other though there is fun and entertainment in a sense. We can hope that search giant will come up with much more special doodles in future to make the users think, play and enjoy.