Google Doodle wishes Happy New Year 2000

During the cheerful occasion of New Year celebrations Google released the doodle called Happy New Year 2000! Its time for 2000, let’s celebrate…! It’s the starting of 21st century. Welcome the New Year with new hopes and forget the regrets about past year.

Google Doodle wishes Happy New Year 2000
Happy New Year 2000! (January 1, 2000)

Celebrations for welcoming the New Year start during the winter season as a part of Holidays, especially in Western countries. On the 1st day of the fresh year of 2000 Google also welcomed the year with a doodle. The doodle was named as ‘Happy New Year 2000!’ The logo itself indicates the mood of celebration and joy.

There is a party hat on the top of 2nd‘o’ in Google logo. Google Doodle wishes Happy New Year 2000. Usually the night before the New Year is celebrated with parties, alcohols and crackers etc. There are also gilts and color papers are shivering on to the logo. Overall it gives the mood of joy and happiness. Yes, always the New Year is the time to welcome the year with a cheerful mind.

Today we use Gregorian calendar to determine year and date and according to it January 1 is the beginning of new Calendar year.  Roman calendar also follows the same.Western culture follows January 1 as New Year for many years. There is another specialty for the January 1 in catholic tradition as it is considered as circumcision of Jesus. On January 1 he got the name as Jesus (after the eighth day from his birth). Until 1751 it was March 25 which is considered as the beginning of New Year in England (Lady Day). The change occurred in 1600 in Scotland. From there it is January 1 which is considered as Beginning of next year.

Happy New Year 2000
Happy New Year 2000 !
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Due to the influence of western countries all the countries have adapted the Gregorian calendar as their official calendar and celebrating New Year on January 1. Some countries that have wide variety of cultural regions celebrate New Year in different dates (China and India)

The New Year Day is celebrated with formal parties and family gatherings in United States. New Year Day is public holiday in United States. Fireworks are the main and common attraction of New Year celebration in all countries. In nutshell the arrival of a new year is also a reason for the arrival of joy and happiness in to our life. So allow the door of happiness to open by shutting the door of sadness.