Google Doodle Venezuela Independence Day 2014

Google decorated their search homepage of Venezuela 5th July, on Independence Day with a special doodle.

Google Doodle Venezuela Independence Day 2014
Google Doodle Venezuela Independence Day 2014(July 5, 2014)

People of Venezuela decorates their home dinning table with Hallacas on the day, a traditional dish. Now, Google decorated its homepage with the dish. Hallacas is the dish common in Venezuela, its made of meat which is wrapped in cornmeal and covered by plantain leaf.

In the doodle, its the alphabet ‘o’ replaced with hallacas with fork and knife to have it. On the day,clicking on the Google doodle,  all links and related news on Venezuela Independence Day list in front of you in search page. As in other countries people over Venezuela also celebrates the Independence Day, the day of liberation from Spanish Empire by continuous efforts of Simon Bolivar about 200 years ago in grand way.

In the year 2014 also Venezuela celebrated their freedom with programs started  in early morning. National flag waves are seen in every street of the country. National air force, navy and army took part in freedom parade. This is the day to showcase all new equipment and the strength of nation.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was present for Parade. Maduro addressed nation on the day. In his speech Maduro spoke about freedom struggle and also about the current social scenario of nation and the need for working together to face challenges of country.

With the doodle Google wished every Venezuelan happiness of freedom.