Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2003

On Valentine’s Day 2003 Google dedicated a special doodle for love. Valentine’s Day doodle of Google reflected the sweetness of love in its design. Love is the special feeling which creates heaven on earth.  It’s something special and real.

Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2003
Valentine’s Day 2003(February 14, 2003)

Google Doodle released on is home page on the Valentine’s Day of 2003 included many red hearts which is the symbol of love. The replacement of Google o’s with hearts is an imaginative thought by the designer. It added the beauty of the Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2003 . Doodle is designed as it reflects the simplicity and beauty of love.

Geoffrey Chaucer was the poet who came up with the concept of romance related to Valentine’s Day. It was after his poem “The parlement of faules” in the year 1382. This poem was written on the 1st anniversary of the engagement of Richard II, the king of England with Anne of Boehme.

Most of the countries celebrate the day in grand way with celebrations and parties. Red is the color associated to love. On this day we can see red colored decorations all over. Red roses, red balloons, cards, chocolates and gifts are shared between the loved ones on this day of love. People eagerly wait for this day to express their love towards their loved ones. It’s a pleasant feeling to walk along the streets seeing beautiful decorations all over.

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day[ Image Credit]
There were many oppositions and criticism for the celebration of this day though it had lots of followers. Some believed that the celebration of this day may spoil the culture and traditions. Some countries banned the celebration of this day in recent years. Punishments were given to those who celebrated the day in some places. Public parties and programs were dismissed in some countries on this day.

Though there are many oppositions and criticisms regarding the celebrations of this day. Many countries accept and celebrate the day of love in a grand way. Love is the only feeling which makes the life happy in world. There nothing to replace love. Love has no barriers, to be loved and to love is the human right. So the day especially for love has got great significance. Google gifted this beautiful and simple doodle to the world on this special day.

There is no one in the world without understanding the feeling of love.” Mother, father, friends, life partner, God there are many people to love you: Realize this fact and live for your love”.