Google Doodle to wish Happy New Year 2004

‘Happy New Year’ is used by people to exchange the wishes of upcoming year. This is a festive occasion for the people all around the world where they are ready for receiving the New Year with new hopes and dreams. Yes…it’s the time for say goodbye to 2003 and welcome 2004.

Google Doodle to wish Happy New Year 2004
Google Doodle to wish Happy New Year 2004 (January 1, 2004)

Officially New Year is considered as the beginning of new calendar year. Worldwide people use Gregorian calendar and according to that January 1 is the beginning of every next year. But officially all nations celebrate New Year on January 1st. Western culture traditionally follows the Gregorian calendar and German calendar also works similarly. But some countries follow region calendars like India and China.

In other countries such as United Kingdom ,Italy and Czech Republic January 1 is considered as National holiday. As usual Google Doodle to wish Happy New Year 2004  appeared on January 1. As New Year is considered as a winter holiday ,Google doodle pictured snow sculpture of 2004.

New Year 2004 doodle is simple and it indicates the upcoming year. In western countries the New Year is celebrated in winter season. The night before the 1st January will be filled with celebrating mood. People will celebrate this occasion by gathering in the streets and sky will be lighted with crackers.

New Year Celebration
New Year Celebration [Image Credit :]
This is the occasion to welcome the new starting with cheerful way. Forget the past worries and receive the gifted New Year with a smile in your face. The main attractions of New Year night is gathering of people, dance and light fireworks. According to nation and culture different people have different way to celebrate it.

In United States they celebrate it by with formal parties and family gatherings. In United States New Year is celebrated as National holiday. Commonly in all countries fireworks and parties are the common attraction. .