Google Doodle to Honor Daniil Kharms on 108th Birthday

With the Google doodle to honor Daniil Kharms on 108th birthday Google winded up doodles to mark birthdays of famous personalities in the year 2013. This was the doodle in Russian homepage on 30th December 2013.

Google Doodle to Honor Daniil Kharms on 108th Birthday
Google Doodle to Honor Daniil Kharms on 108th Birthday(December 30, 2013)

On the birthday doodle for Daniil Kharms, Google featured image from one of his most famous work. In the doodle, Google logo letters are replaced by characters of his work. Daniil was a Russian born writer, poet and dramatist. Children’s poems and stories that he wrote is widely accepted and taken by people over Russia.

It was on 30th December 1905, Daniil born. From the early days of life itself Daniil was interested in literature. Kharms was a pseudonym Daniil added when he was a high school student. Apart from Kharm, he wrote in many other names in his career. Most of Daniil works are included in Absurdist fiction, which points to absurd manifestation than realism and actual life. It’s humor added to narration makes Daniils works, especially children’s works widely accepted.

It was in 1926, after graduation Daniil started public plays and works. It was during this period Daniil became to know with his pseudonym Kharms. Kharms was also known for his skills in music . He was interested in music by Mozart and Bach, played their compositions.

Daniils works were put in to controversies in many occasions. In fact some of his works were not played in Russia. But Daniil Kharms made new styles and tried to introduce different ways in literature. He was died at the age of 36 on February 2nd, 1942. As like his works, Daniil was also put in to controversies many time, he was even arrested and put in jail for anti social activities. Many of his works were out only after his death. In 2007 a collection of his works were combined named “Today I Wrote Nothing” by Matvei Yankaleveich was out. With this doodle, Google honored Kharms on his 108th birthday.