Google Doodle to celebrate Holi Festival 2001 with colors

Holi Festival is the festival of colors. Google homepage landed on India on the day of Holi on 2001 consisted of a special doodle.

Google Doodle to celebrate Holi Festival 2001
Holi Festival (March 9, 2001)

Colors were distributed without any alignment or order in Google Doodle to celebrate Holi Festival 2001.There is a picture of bucket filled with colors and pump placed under the Google logo alphabet ‘G’. Altogether the doodle conveyed the message of Holi Festival through this doodle symbolically.

Holi Festival is actually a spring festival celebrated by Hindus. Holi is also known by the names Phagwah, The festival of colors, Dol Jathra and Basanthothsav. There are many legends behind the celebration of  Holi festival. The legend which was believed to be the reason for this festival is based on Hiranyakashyap in Vaishnvism. In some laces death of the beast Poothana is also associated with Holi.

Apart from India many other countries also celebrates this festival. On the Holi Day the entire nation goes in a festival day. Festival shopping includes the decorative material, sweets, colors, variety of materials used to shower the color on one another. Holi marks the beginning of spring season, a season of prosperity and joy.

Holi Festival
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Playing with colors is one of the traditions seen on this day. People get crazy applying colors and playing around. Children find great fun in throwing water balloons on others, playing with their pichkaris and spraying colors on that day. Elders as well as children play with colors on that day despite of age.

There is a legend related with Lord Krishna based on this tradition. It is believed that Lord Krishna applies color on Radha to make her look like him. So on this day people started applying colors on the loved ones, family members and friends. This festival is a festival of brotherhood.

The preparation of sweets for this festival begins weeks before it in all houses. People give sweets to each other to express their love on this day. Gujiya, matri, papri, pappads and potato chips are commonly made food items on this day.

Holi Festival has got great significance in northern part of India. They celebrate this festival in groups with great fun and joy. Google Doodle to celebrate Holi Festival 2001 with colors reflected the joy and fun of the day.