Google Doodle to celebrate DNA’s 50th Anniversary

50th anniversary of DNA’s invention which became the milestone in the human life was celebrated in a grand way all around. Google introduced a Google Doodle to celebrate DNA’s 50th Anniversary.

Google Doodle to celebrate DNA’s 50th Anniversary
Celebrating DNA’s 50th Anniversary(April 24, 2003)

Deoxyribonucleic acid abbreviated as DNA in its form which is now accepted was invented by James D Watson and Francis Crick. It was James D Watson and Francis Crick first suggested the double helix model of DNA. It was in the year 1953 this incident took place. Long before this itself concepts related to DNA came in to existence. It was in the year 1869 the first isolation of DNA took place by the Swiss Physician Fredrich Miescher.

DNA is referred to as the heredity molecule as it contains elements of genetic propagation. DNA has got great importance in human life. Scientist use DNA to trace back the generations. Everyone has got their own unique DNA and it also contains the genes that parents pass to their children. As there are many unique and unchangeable characteristic for human DNA it is used to by forensics to prove the crime.

DNA[ Image Credit]
Google doodle on the 50th year of the double helix DNA invention by James D Watson and Francis Crick included some specialty to convey the significance of it. Google doodle designer replaced the Google o’s with the structure of DNA molecules presented by James D Watson and Francis Crick. As we can see in the doodle the replacement is relevant to convey the message of the day.

DNA structure is double helix with two poly nucleotide chains. Structure of DNA is like spiral staircase. Basically DNA is a polymer with the monomer unit nucleotides. Adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine are the four basic types of nucleotides seen in DNA.

James D Watson and Francis Crick published several articles regarding the inventions on DNA. It was the article “Molecular structure for nucleic acid: a structure for DNA” which was first published among those. This article was regarded has the pearl of science. It was this article which took the step first in discovering the unrevealed facts on human gene.  This article gave inspiration to many biologist of that time to initiate experiments on DNA.

James D Watson and Francis Crick was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology in the year 1962 for their great and unbeatable inventions on molecular structure.

DNA day is celebrated on 25th April. It was in 2003 on the 50th year of DNA’s invention the first celebration of the day took place. Several groups have declares April 25th as the national DNA day and World DNA day.

Discovery which had made a great change in scientific world, it’s the DNA invention. Google also honored this great invention on its 50th anniversary with this special doodle in its home page.