Turkey Google Doodle Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year in many countries with grand parties and programs. It was in the home page of United States Google released this special doodle on 23rd November of 2005.

Google Doodle Thanksgiving 2005
Thanksgiving 2005(November 23, 2005)

Doodle included all the special and common scenes in it. Google started publishing the thanksgiving doodle in its home page from the year 1998 itself. We know that showing gratitude for the help can be done in different ways. On this day dedicated for thanksgiving it is to spread the message of being thankful Google published this doodle.

Google Doodle Thanksgiving 2005 included the turkey’s image in it. The designer had included a comic appearance to the turkey in the doodle. During the Thanksgiving Day it’s a common custom to feast on turkey. Most of the people starts their Thanksgiving Day feast by tasting the roasted or cooked turkey. The importance of turkey on the day is very much special and due to this it is even known as turkey day.

Google doodle include many other thanksgiving special things with turkey. The inclusion of wine glass, bib and special dishes added the beauty of doodle. Starting from the 15th century Thanksgiving Day celebrations increased its importance among all the cultural and linguistic groups.

Thanksgiving Day Parade
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Today there is no cultural barriers for Thanksgiving Day celebrations. All caste and cultural people will celebrate it now for thanking God as well as their well beings for all the help and support. As it is a holiday in most of the countries people come together to celebrate it with their family and friends.

The morning section of the day is mainly dedicated for prayers and spreading the wishes. Many special rituals and prayers will take place in the worship places on this day so that everyone could meet together and celebrate the day by sharing the happiness.

It is usual to see special sports competitions and cultural program on this day. Mainly group games are played on this day. Football, Cricket and basketball are common among them. Another main thing that cannot be avoided while telling about the thanksgiving is the thanksgiving feast. Family members commonly sit together in circles and feast on the special dishes prepared by the women in the family. On this Thanksgiving Day also the customs were same and people altogether enjoyed the functions and parties organized by different agencies on this day.