Google Doodle Peak District National Park 63rd Anniversary

Google Doodle on 17 April 2014 marks 63rd anniversary of Britain’s first national park, Peak District National Park. Natural beauty, wild life and cultural heritage makes it area of great importance.

Google Doodle Peak District National Park 63rd Anniversary
Google Doodle Peak District National Park 63rd Anniversary (April 17, 2014)

The Gritstone tors, the salt Cellar is depicted in the Google doodle for anniversary of National Park. It’s in 1951 April 17th, Peak District National park raised to its importance. In the doodle, you can see the natural beauty and heritage of park in background with Google logo alphabets included in red color.

In doodle you can also see climbers climbing the mountain. It is estimated that about 22 million visitors visit this national park each year. Park  covers an area of 555 sq miles. Park has got many places that attracts tourists and visitors. Outdoor activities  and games are organized to entertain visitors.

Peak District National Park is gifted with many natural resources. This finest rock climbing point in the world is also good for hill walking and hiking. As nature and natural resources have been theme for great art work,  Peak Park have also become theme for artists to give birth for their creative art work. Many films and television programs have pictured in this beautiful landscape. Park is also having  great mineral deposit and conservation of this is becoming a serious issue.

This national park is also known for cultural heritage and traditional values. Most of the villages in the place follows special cultural and traditional customs on various occasions.

Rivers in the national park connects water ways and encourage tourist for water tourism. Peak District National Park is the second most visited national park in the world, first place taken by Mount Fuji in Japan. As public road, rail and water transport is available, visitors flow is increasing year by year to this place.