Google Doodle pays tribute to American Writer John Steinbeck’s on 112th Birthday

Thursday’s animated Google Doodle is to commemorate 112th Birthday of famous American born writer John Steinbeck. Google Doodle for Steinbeck depicts images from his major works.

Google Doodle pays tribute to American Writer John Steinbeck(February 27, 2014)
Google Doodle pays tribute to American Writer John Steinbeck(February 27, 2014)

In Google doodle for Steinbeck, you can see the letters of official logo appears in black letters except the white letter in place of second ‘G’ with a blinking  play button. For the next instant Doodle the letters will disappears from screen and shows famous works of John Steinbeck. Google also represents slide show of those works once you click on the play button.John Steinbeck google doodle

At first you will see ‘The Grape of Wrath’ , an American realist novel written by John Steinbeck in 1939. He won national book awards for it, cited when he got novel prize in the year 1962. You can readily switch for next slide show by simply click on the white button at bottom level of Doodle. You can also see the famous lines from each works by clicking on sixth button within the Doodle, will see an arrow button once you hover mouse next to 5th button.The rape of wreath

Next you will see Cannery Row  a novel that written back in 1945. ‘Of Mice and Men’ will appears on the third position, story of two migrant ranch workers, published in the year 1937.cannery row

‘The Pearl’ a story which tells the nature of Man and greed will comes within fourth position, written in 1947.  In last position Google included the travelogue of John Steinbeck, which reveals 1960’s road trip made by him around United States.of mice and men

Starting from novel, Cup of Gold in 1929, Steinbeck have a list of creative works including novels and novellas. The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, The pearl ,In Dubious Battle,  To a God Unknown, highlights the caliber of this Nobel Prize winner for Literature of 1962.The pearl

Born in California, in 1902, Steinbeck took degree in 1919 and joined Stanford University for graduation. Unfortunately, he left there in 1925 without completing graduation and started career as free lance with charley

Steins first novel was out in 1929. Most of Stein works included economic problem of society, social issues , nature and soil covered in creative imagination, realism  and humor. Steinbeck was a author with keen political view and have raised the voice against government harassment publicly and also through his works many times.

John Steinbeck(Image
John Steinbeck(Image


Tortilla Flat, novel out in 1935 was Steinbeck’s first successful work. This novel was made in to film in 1942 by Victor Fleming. Apart from Tortilla flat, about sixteen of Steinbeck’s other works were made in to films in later years.

Most of his books preserved with great value and is in the reading list of major syllabus in high schools and universities.  At the same time, some of his books were banned, including The Grapes of Wrath and Of  Mice and Men.

John Steinbeck died on 20th December 1968 , at the age of 66. Steinbeck was given honors after his death also. Infact,The National Steinbeck Center situated in United States is the one and only Museum dedicated entirely for a single author. United States postal services issued a stamp on 77th Birthday of Steinbeck in 1979. This Google doodle on 27 February also honors Steinbeck’s talent.