Google Doodle pays tribute to expressionist painter Gabriele Münter

Google dedicates a doodle on 19th February to honor the expressionist painter from Germany, Gabriele Münter on her 137th birthday.


Google Doodle pays tribute to expressionist painter Gabriele Münter
Google Doodle pays tribute to expressionist painter Gabriele Münter(February 19, 2014)

Google doodle
including Münter’s famous work ‘ Jawlensky and Werefkin’ landed on homepage of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Google logo is added in white letters with background oil painting of Münter ,painted in 1908. As in most of Münter’s works, Jawlensky and Werefkin also included image of powerful landscape, still life and expression reflected through colors. It’s a clear abstraction of figurative art work from Münter. Later, this oil painting ‘Jawlensky and Werefkin’ even became the theme of postal stamp in Germany.

Kandinsky,a Russian artist and art theorist  accompanied  Münter for many years as a work and life partner. Though Münter’s works were figurative and representational as we can see in doodle, Kandinsky did more abstract art works. Infact, The Blue Rider, a German expressionist artist group was formed by them along with some great artist of the time. Münter and Kandinsky conducted many exhibitions including many painting with The Blue Rider group.

Münter had a collection of 330 drawings and 80 oil paintings. Most of her works are preserved now also. Gabriele Münter home at Maurna is now a Museum, exhibiting many of her works. Princeton University art Museum and Lanbachhaus Museum, Munich has collection of Gabriele Münter’s works.

Through out the career Münter tried out different styles of painting. It’s in 1920, Münter restarted her art work after ending the relationship with Kandinsky. Awards including Cultural Prize from city of Munich, sole art exhibition of United States in 1962 are  highlights in Münter’s career.