Google Doodle on Remembrance Day 2003

The day to honor the comrades who fought for country, it’s what Remembrance Day is. All over the world a day is dedicated for this in every country. In commonwealth nations it’s on November 11th they observe it. France, Serbia, New Zealand and Belgium are the main countries where it is observed with great importance.

google doodle on remembrance day 2003
Remembrance Day 2003(November 11, 2003)

Armistice Day, Poppy Day is the alternative names used for Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day in these countries are observed to commemorate the signing of Armistice to end the war in the year 1918 at France. Hostilities in the western front ended with this incident. But in some other places hostilities continued in an aggressive way.

Signing of the agreement took place in the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11thmonth. So to remember it every year two minutes of silence is observed in those nations. This is a symbol of respect. The first minute silence is for honoring those who sacrificed their life in the war and the second minute silence is for honoring the families of them who gave their beloved ones for their country despite of their feelings.

Remembrance Day Parade
Remembrance Day Parade
Google also showed respect to those comrades and families by dedicating Google Doodle on Remembrance Day 2003 . In this doodle we can see a red poppy wreath instead of the logo alphabet ‘o’. Poppy is the flower which is associated with the Remembrance Day in western countries.

In fact in some countries the Remembrance Day is also known by the name Poppy Day. It was McCrae who first described the beauty of this flower and its relation with the Remembrance Day through his poem. He wrote the poem after his friend’s death in the battle. He saw poppy flowers blooming near battle field.

Many programs are arranged in the commonwealth nations on this day. Remembrance parades, special speeches are common on this day. This day is a public holiday. So people gather with their families on this day to observe it together. Special prayers are organized in temples; churches and other worship places to pray for the souls of died warriors. Their families are also honored on this day, its due to their sacrifice other people were able to live a peaceful life.

Remembrance Day is primarily known by the name Armistice Day in some nations here it is observed. It’s after the Second World War common wealth nations changed it to Remembrance Day. United States gave the name Veterans Day. In France and Germany know also its known by the name Armistice Day. Though the name was different the customs and traditions followed are almost same in every country.