Google Doodle on Leonhard Euler’s 306th Birthday

On the 306th birthday of the great mathematician Leonhard Euler Google decorated its homepage with a special doodle. His theories of graph theory and infinitesimal calculus was something great and outstanding.

google doodle on leonhard euler’s 306th birthday Google Doodle on Leonhard Euler’s 306th Birthday published on the home page on 15th April 2013 we can see the Euler’s formula for the spherical polyhedral in the left corner of the doodle. Middle logo letter ‘o’ is a dynamic one which adds life to the doodle. We can also see the Euler’s contribution for natural logarithm and other major theories that came out of his logic in the doodle.

The seven bridge problem of Konigsberg in Prussia was solved by Euler in his time by Graph theory and we can see the map of Konigsberg in the doodle right below the Google logo alphabets. As in whole Google doodle includes all the ingredients to make common man realize the contributions of Euler on his 306th birthday.

Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler

Leonard Euler was born on April 15th of 1707 in Basel. It was Johann Bernoulli who found out the real talent in him and insisted his father to provide him the facilities to become a mathematician.  From the younger day itself Leonhard Euler have shown his talents in discovering new theories and formulas. The way he worked out the logic was new and innovative which made him the founder of many theories.

Though he was basically known for his mathematical contributions. He have also made many findings in Physics and other branches of science. There is no area in mathematics in which he was not involved. We can see his contributions in algebra, trigonometry, logarithm, number theory, graph theory and so on.

Euler had a problem in his right eye which was a problem in his experiments and researches. But he overcome all the problems with keen determination and spirit. Two numbers are named after him and he was the only mathematician to get this honor. Euler is the name known all who love mathematics. He died on 18th September 1783.

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