Google Doodle on Kartini Day 2009 on April 21

Google Doodle on Kartini Day 2009 , which is on April 21st was to commemorate the role model of Indonesian women. Kartini Day is a national holiday in Indonesia after the declaration of President Sukarno to celebrate April 21st a Kartini Day. It was in the year 1964 the day was officially declared as a national holiday.

Google Doodle on Kartini Day 2009
Google Doodle on Kartini Day 2009 (April 21, 2009)

We can see a very colorful Kartini Day Google doodle with lots of decoration in the Google homepage. Every Google alphabet is ornate with jewelry, flower and hat. It is a custom in Indonesia on that day to wear beautiful dresses and ornaments on the day by girls living over there. Kartini was known as a perfect wife for her husband and obedient child of her father which every girl wish to be in life.

Kartini lived during the time when girls were prohibited from attending social events and getting education after a particular age. Kartini was given Dutch education and this made her develop a skill in learning and speaking in Dutch.


Kartini utilized this opportunity that she got to learn Dutch and read many books that was available during that time, this made her develop an open thinking about the women’s life prevailed during the time.

After marriage with the full support of her husband Kartini started a school for women. It was her dedication to work for women made her the decision for making a school for women.

It’s this dedication of Kartini , made  to take a decision to celebrate her day in a grand way. There were many opposition for the celebration of the day. Many told that there is no significance for celebrating it separately and it’s better to celebrate along with Mother’s Day. But since 1965 her day is celebrated as Mother Kartini Day in Indonesia with grand programs.