Interactive Whodle Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Whodle, the Google doodle on 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the science fiction television program is finally on homepage. Doodle for Doctor Who is an interactive one with play button for users.

Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who
Google Doodle on 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who (November 23, 2013)

On entering in to Google home, users will get the chance to play with 11 doctors. Doctor who doodle is known as Whodle in Google, and is the best and complex doodle out till now.

Google’s doodler Matthew Cruickshan, created Doctor Who doodle working over more than four months. He said ,in interview with The Guardian, it’s after considering the interest of Doctor Who fans, Google took decision to make the doodle.

Doodle is out for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show episode which will be on air Saturday, 23rd November, ‘The day of the  Doctors’.The program producer BBC have already took many steps, considering Doctor Who fans, to make the anniversary show  ‘The day of the Doctors‘ bright.

In the doctor who doodle, users can choose the doctors from the listed set and start the journey to find the Google logo alphabets. Sound effect with animation makes doodle interesting and live. Its after Saul Bass doodle on May 8th this year, Matthew Cruickshan created this special animated doodle.

The ‘Day of Doctors’ on 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Starting from 1963, Doctor who have become a great successful show. BBC is now ready for the ‘The day of the Doctors’, on November 23rd , the annivesary show. Nick Hurran directed the episode written by Steven Moffat. Show will be 76 minute long and will be broad casted in BBC One.

Doctor Who Whodle shows out the real publicity of the Show all over. With doodle Google tells,get ready, jump in the  tardis and be the time lord of universe, reaching target as fast as possible. Doctor Who doodle is one of the best interactive animated Google doodle from Google.