Google Doodle Celebrates Nigeria Independence Day 2014

Today’s Google Doodle in Nigeria wishes Happy Independence Day. Its on 1st October Nigerian Independence Day is celebrated.

Google Doodle Celebrates Nigeria Independence Day 2014
Google Doodle Celebrates Nigeria Independence Day 2014(October 1, 2014)

Google’s Doodle for Nigeria Independence Day 2014 includes people ready with National Flag in Riksha, Mini Bus and Motor Bike to celebrate the day. Independence Day October 1st is one of the most celebrated day in Nigeria.

Google logo is included in the yellow colored minibus sketched in doodle. Nigeria Independence Day 2014 is popped up, keeping mouse pointer over the doodle. Taking to the search page for Independence Day 2014, Doodle will be present for 24 hours in Google Nigeria homepage. In previous years also, Google have came up with their Independence Day Doodles in Nigeria.

Nigeria Independence Day

Nigeria is ready to celebrate their 54th Independence Day. People are all set and ready for the grand celebrations. Its on 1960 October 1st Nigeria gained their Independence from United Kingdom.

As seen in Google Doodle, rallying in vehicles with national flag and praising nation is a common scene of the day. Apart from that public programs and parades will take place at different places. Nigerian Independence Day is a public holiday. You can see people lined with drums and other musical instruments dressed in flag colors in parades announcing happiness of Independence Day in Nigeria.

Honoring patriots, commemorating the events that lead to Independence, Nigerians celebrate the day with friends, relatives and family. Special dishes are prepared for sharing the happiness of day to each other in houses. Greeting and wishes are flowing to country, Nigerians livings around the world celebrates the day with great importance.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.