Google Doodle Marks Tanabata 2014 with shinning Altair and Vega

Today’s Google Doodle in Japan marks Tanabata 2014.  Festival Tanabata is celebrated on 7th day of 7th month every year.

Google Doodle Marks Tanabata 2014
Google Doodle Marks Tanabata 2014(July 7, 2014)

Google Doodle for Tanabata, the festival celebrated on meeting day of two starts Altair and Vega includes couple holding hand and looking at the starts in midnight. Google logo letters are included as stars in sky. Letter L joins the two stars in doodle.

As per the Japanese legends, Altair and Vega are two deities Orihime and Hikaboshi, also lovers lived near milky way, the heavenly river. Due to the curse given by Tendei, the sky king, these two lovers got separated and they were only able to meet one time in a year. Tanabata is the festival of their meeting. It’s believed that flock of Magpies make a bridge over milky way for meeting of Orihime and Hikboshi.

In Japan, celebration on the day includes writing wishes on bamboo leaf, floating it in river at end. It’s the day of lovers. There are many other legends in Japan for celebration of this traditional festival.

Google always have came up with special doodles on this day every year. Apart for Japanese people, in China also Tanabata festival is celebrated in grand way but on another day. In China, this day is also known as Chinese Valentines Day. For Tanabata 2013, Google came up with an interactive doodle on Chinese homepage.

Clicking on doodle for Tanaba 2014, you will be taken to Google search page with phrase “Tanabata”. Wishing Happy Tanabata 2014, Google presented the doodle on Japan search homepage on July 7.