Google Doodle marks Morocco Independence Day 2013

18 November is celebrated as Independence Day in Morocco. In the year 2013, Google marks this special day with a doodle on homepage landed on the country.


Morocco Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle
Morocco Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle(November 18, 2013)

Google Doodle on the day designed with a courtyard with fountain in the middle, reflecting the culture of Morocco. In almost all houses in Morocco, you can see a courtyard in this style. Color of the windows in the doodle is actual Google logo colors. ‘Dar’ is the name of this kind of structures in Morocco.

As seen in the Google Doodle, most of courtyards in Dar will be designed with large sidewalls and windows with ornamentation’s and colors.

Independence Day of Morocco

On 2013, Morocco celebrates 57th Independence Day. It was in 1956 Morocco gained Independence. It’s after 44 years of French and Spanish rules they gained freedom. Eid Al Istiqulal means Independence Day is the anniversary day of return of King Mohammed V to Morocco after being exiled to Madagascar for years during the French rule.

Celebrations of the Independence Day of Morocco includes parades, official programs, also, there will be grand reception at palace. Special food items and dishes are prepared on every house for celebrating the day of freedom. Streets are occupies with people, every where flags will be waving. Anniversary day of Independence id one of the most celebrated day in Morocco and is a public holiday over there.

People commemorate the scarifies of  ancestors for gaining independence. Memorial ceremonies are common on the day in Morocco.

Google Doodle representing traditional culture and architecture of Morocco wished nation Happy Independence Day. While hovering the mouse over doodle you can see ‘Happy Independence Day Morocco’ in Google homepage in country. Clicking on the doodle for the day the list of every links related to Morocco Independence is listed in Google search homepage.