Google dedicates a doodle for Maria Callas on 90th Birthday

Opera Singer Maria Callas was honored by Google Doodle on 2nd December 2013. It’s 90th birth anniversary of Maria celebrated by this doodle on selected countries Google homepage.

Google doodle for Maria Callas
Google doodle for Maria Callas(December 2, 2013)

Google doodle Maria Callas on 90th birthday included Sketch of the singer itself performing in a packed auditorium. Opera theater curtains are given an attractive read color with singer in blue costume in the Google Doodle. It’s more than 30 years  after the demise of Maria Callas, Google presented this doodle in honor for her voice, shows today also Maria has great fan following for her unique voice and style of singing. Maria was one of the best singer of her time.

Maria Callas
Maria Callas
Maria was born in 1923 December 2nd at New York. She got musical education from early years of her life itself. Life of this Opera singer was filled with controversies though there were not substitutes for her beautiful voice.

Maria’s debut was in Boccaccio for Royal Opera Athens in 1941. Her major debut in Italian and American Opera took place in 1947 and 1954. As her life, her music and voice also became topics for critics many times. Maria’s voice  was not approved by classical singer in a sense, though many people accepted her voice in their own way and likes.

Maria Callas died at the age of 53 on 16 September 1977 due to heart attack. Maria was given many awards and honors during her life time and also after her death.Many great musicians have given tribute to Maria with their music and have mentioned her has greatest singer ever lived.

Her achievements include Grammy Life time achievement award, voted the greatest Soprano of all time and there are many others in the list. With the Google Doodle Maria Callas was honored on her 90th Birthday.