Lebanon Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle with Pigeon Rock

70th anniversary of Independent Lebanon, celebrated on 2013 November 22. Google, the search giant marked it with a Google Doodle on the homepage of the country.


Google Doodle Lebanon Independence Day 2013
Google Doodle Lebanon Independence Day 2013(November 22, 2013)

Google Doodle Lebanon Independence Day 2013 featured the landmark Pigeon Rock, at Beirut. This place that you can see in the doodle is most important and could be also claimed as a symbol for identification of nation. Including Google logo, red colored as if wrote in a arc design with pigeon rock as center attraction, wished all Lebanese citizen, happiness of the day.

Pigeon Rock is very famous in Lebanon and also, around the world. This is one among the places which gave the proof for ancient human life and civilizations. Today, the place is one of the best tourist spot. Apart from Google, Microsoft Bing also featured Pigeon Rock on front page once.

Lebanon gained their freedom from French rule in 1943, November 22. Since then, all around nation this day is a day for celebration and patriotism reflects in each and every act of the day.

People use their national flag widely on the day to show the respect and honor for nation. As in all other countries, Lebanese people also arrange special programs to make the day special every year. Independence Day parades and patriotic speeches can be seen in every nook and corner.

Special programs are arranged on the day to respect all those comrades who worked for Independence and gave the life for Lebanon. To end up the celebrations of the day fire works are organized in many places. People ll over Lebanon finds time to be the part of every festivities of the day.

Google Doodles on Lebanese Independence Day in previous years also showcase the uniqueness and beauty of nation. Simplicity the you could see in the doodle, it’s the real beauty of it.