Google Doodle Korean Thanksgiving Day with Jade Rabit in Moon

Korean Thanksgiving Day known by the name Chuseok is a complete three day Holiday in Korea. Most of the festivals in Korea are associated with myths related to agriculture. Likewise Chuseok is a harvest festival.

Google Doodle Korean Thanksgiving Day
Korean Thanksgiving Day(September 6, 2003)

There are many traditions and customs followed in Korea by the people to make the celebrations of the day grand and attractive. On this day there is special ritual to pray for the soul of ancestors who passed away. Korea is a country which has got many cultural values. They are the people who give value to their families. Korean thanks giving are specially to show gratitude for the harvest that they got throughout the year.

Korean Circle Dance
Korean Circle Dance
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On early morning of Chuseok day Korean will make a special rice cake named Songpyeon and feast it. They will make variety of food items with the fresh harvest they collected from their farmyards.  On this day they follow a tradition of visiting the tombs of ancestors and cleaning it. There is a ritual named Charye on that day in Korea. This custom includes many ancestor memorial services.

In the Google Doodle Korean Thanksgiving Day we can see a picture of moon with rabbit in it. There are many legends related with rabbit which became a common reason for the celebration of the day. Koreans will go out on the night to see the full moon on this day.

The rabbit in the moon is called Jade Rabbit. The story behind the Jade Rabbit is that in an old village there lived fox, rabbit and a monkey. All of the three were great deities of God. One day God asked them to give something to eat to it to test their faith. Fox came up with a fish and monkey came up with a fruit. Rabbit didn’t get anything so he lit fire and jumped in to it. Seeing he faith God was impressed and he was in to the moon as the guardian of moon.

Koreans believe that Jade Rabbit live in the moon and protect it. Google doodle also took this legend as the base for the doodle design. They also believe that Jade Rabbit prepares the rice cake sitting in the moon which gives life. Silhouette image used to represent the rabbit increased the beauty of doodle.

Korean Thanksgiving is the most celebrated festival in Korea. Korean people celebrate it with their family and friends. There are many legends and stories related to the origin of this festival. One of the legends says that it’s started at the time of kingdom of Shilla. At that time there was a cloth weaving competition. The competition lasts for one month and the winning team must give a feast to the losing team. Baekja was another powerful kingdom. Chuseok is celebrated to memorize the day when Shilla won the game.

There are many folk games in Korea which is played in this season. Ssireum a special type of Korean wrestling take place in Korea as a part this festival. There is special Korean circle dance played by Korean women’s to show their gratitude. Thanksgiving festival is the best and most celebrated festival of Korea.