Google Doodle marks Physician Carlos Juan’s 180th Birthday

Google Doodle honors Physician Carlos Finlay on 3rd December 2013. It’s 180th birthday of Finlay remembered by this Global Google Doodle.

Google Doodle honors Physician Carlos Finlay
Google Doodle honors Physician Carlos Finlay(December 3, 2013)

In the Google Doodle you can see image of Finlay in the lily pond. To make world know Finlay’s ¬†contribution in research of Yellow Fever and finding that Yellow Fever is spread by infected mosquitoes, doodle includes picture of a mosquito on a green leaf replacing alphabet ‘g’ of Google logo. As a background of doodle you can see water and reflection of surrounding objects including a palm tree in it.

Born on 3rd December 1833 Carlos Juan Finlay, the Cuban physician published his first paper in 1872 after becoming a doctor. Carlos was appointed by Government to study about the cause of Yellow Fever in 1879 and researched on the disease and found out that mosquitoes was the carriers of this disease.

Carlos Juan Finlay[Image Credit:]
Carlos Juan Finlay[Image Credit:]
Finaly’s findings on cause for the disease was accepted only after 20 years ¬†by the authority. Carol was the man who helped in eradicating yellow fever, saving life of many people. Finlay have also made many other researches and findings on severely spreading other diseases too. For his findings, Nobel Prize nominations were received by him seven times, but he didn’t became the winner of Nobel Prize. Finlay have also severed in the post of Chief health officer in Cuba was one of the member of Havan’s Rolay Academy of medical, physical and Natural Sciences.

Though his findings were accepted lately, Finlay was honored by the world with all respect. There is a monument in Havana honoring Finlay. Cuban government depicted his image on stamp in 1981 in Finlay’s honor. Mnay monuments and awards including UNESCO Carlos C Finlay Micrfobiology Prize is named to his name as a honor for him.

Finlay died on August 20 in the year 1915. Google Doodle for Carlos Juan Finlay was viewed by millions of Google Users on the day. The doodle was real recognition and honor for Finlay.