Google Doodle honors Farid Shawki on 94th Birthday

Google doodle marked the birthday of actor Farid Shawki on July 30th. Doodle was visible on homepage of various middle eastern countries. It is his 94th birthday marked by doodle.

Google Doodle honors Farid Shawki
Google Doodle honors Farid Shawki(July 30, 2014)

Google Doodle for Sahawki portraits him in six different characters on Google homepage. He was an Egyptian actor, he was part of 31 films ,also he was a film producer, director and screen play writer. Sahawki was a multitalented person, no doubt for that. Sahawki was born on 30 July 1920.

Google Doodle was present for 24 hours on his birthday and clicking on it gives the search page with all details about him listed. Farid Sahawki have got many names in film industry. King of third class, Father of all girls and Sir Farid are names he known in industry for his roles in films.

Altogether, in lifetime of 77 years Sahawki became part of about 400 films, quite a large figure, right?. For Sahawki’s performance in films he was given many awards and other honors during the lifetime. Google Doodle that you can see in homepage in a honor for his contributions in Egyptian film industry. Today also Sahawki has got many admirers. He is one of the legendary actors film industry have ever seen.

Farid Sahawki died in 1998, at age of 77 on July 27.