Holi 2014 :The Festival of Colors celebrates with Google Doodle

Monday’s Google Doodle in India marks the Festival of colors. Yes, Holi 2014 is on March 17th. Google added one more doodle of colors in doodle list on the day.

Google Doodle Holi 2014
Google Doodle Holi 2014(March 17, 2014)

Google Doodle Holi 2014 is mixed with colors. You can see color water gun in the doodle throwing colors on the Google logo. In the background of Yellow, pink, blue and green color Google logo is wrote with white color. Celebrations of Holi Festival have already started in many parts of country with Holika Bonfire on 16th March itself.

Holi is the best celebrated spring festival in South Asia. It’s the day when elders and kids enjoy and have blast. Every streets will be enjoying with music, dance and fun. Every types of color throwing pichkaris are available in market. As in Holi 2014 Google Doodle, Water gun filled with different colors are most wanted for the day.

As the name suggests everywhere we can see colors on the day. People will enjoy by throwing colored powder, pouring colored water on friend and relatives, also even on strangers.

It’s the day of celebration. In India, it’s in north major celebrations on the day takes place including Mumbai and Delhi. Music concerts and public dance parties in pool of colors are already arranged in many places.

Apart from playing with colors, it symbolizes the victory of Good over bad or evil. Many ritual takes place in temples on the day. In some places it’s the day for complete enjoyment of women. Starting from beginning of spring festival last for weeks. Google doodle on holi 2014 filled with colors conveys the cheer of festival of colors and love.