Google Doodle Happy Holidays from Google 2001 series

Happy Holidays from Google is the series of doodles published to make the Google homepage spark with the holiday wishes .On this holiday season Google came up with these series of Google Doodle Happy Holidays from Google 2001.

Happy Holidays from Google 2001 Dec 20
Happy Holidays from Google 2001 (Dec 20, 2001)

We know December is a special month of the year. This is a season of many celebrations and festivals all around the world. Christmas and New Year are the two main celebrations which are celebrated with great fun and joy among them.

Google released a series of related doodles on the Christmas season of 2001. The first doodle of Happy Holidays from Google appeared on the Google homepage on December 20th. Google Doodle included the picture of a bear and its two children. It is designed such that the parent bear held a box in his hand and two children were eagerly waiting for seeing the box open.

The concept of doodle was very imaginative. It’s quite common that parents come with gifts to their children on holidays. Here in the doodle we can see the picture of bear but it indirectly points to the human nature. We can see the love of a father towards his two small children in the doodle symbolically .The Happy Holidays theme really go hand in hand with this design of the doodle.

There is some specialty for the term Happy Holidays used by Google. Happy Holiday is the term sometimes used instead of the Merry Christmas. It refers to joy and celebrations during the month. By wishing Happy Holidays on its home page Google is sharing the happiness and joy of the season to the world.

Holidays are always the time for enjoyment and fun making especially the Christmas Holidays. In most of the places Christmas Holidays begins in schools and colleges from December 20th. Google also began the Christmas celebrations on 2001 on 20thof December by starting this doodle series.

Happy Holidays from Google 2001 Dec 21
Happy Holidays from Google 2001(Dec 21, 2001)

On the very next day that is on 21st December Google published the second doodle of the series. This doodle also was very special and lovely. It was a continuation of the doodle published on 20th December.

Here in the doodle of 21st December we can see parent bear and the children opened the box and took out the decorative lights from it. The way it was designed is too good. We can pictorially see a happy family ready to do their Christmas decorations.

Parent bear is placed in front of Google letter ‘G’ and two sweet children aside. This smoothly goes in hand with the Google logo a big capital letter G with two small letter o’s. Usually as we know parents will initiate the decorations ,in the doodle we can see the parent bear standing near the box with all light and two children happily helping them for plugging the light. The happiness of children is designed in a cute and sweet way in the doodle by the designer. The unity and the happiness of a sweet family are reflected in the doodle entirely.

Christmas is the festival celebrated by Christians in the month of December to memorize the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year Christians in the entire world celebrate this day with great joy and happiness. They decorate their homes with beautiful Christmas cribs and stars. Christmas trees, Christmas stars and decorations are common sight at every place in this season. It’s the festival that is celebrated by Christians all around with great joy. In shopping malls, roadsides, churches everywhere we can see eye catching light arrangements.

Peak of these decorations and shopping’s will be two or three days before the celebrations. Google also participated in these hurry burry decoration on the day by releasing the third doodle in the series on 22nd December in its home page. The Happy Holiday doodle on that day included the same bear and its children decorating the Google logo with the beautiful lights that they took from the box.

We can see the picture of parent bear busy in decorating while children are playing with the light. It’s a seen commonly seen on ordinary houses at the time of decorative works. Logo is simple and at the same time it reflects the common man and his family atmosphere. The placement and the expressions given to the bears are creative and good.

1(Happy Holidays from Google 2001 Dec 22
1(Happy Holidays from Google 2001 (December 22, 2001)

While thinking about Holidays, Christmas and New Year, the common image that comes to our mind is the cool breeze of winter with snow fall ,rain deer’s ,Christmas cards, Santa clause with red costume and tummy. Christmas without snow, snow fall and Snow Mountains are incomplete. So usage of polar bears which are common in snow fallen mountains for the design of the Happy Holiday doodle released on Christmas season is the outcome of relevant and correct thought.

Happy Holidays by Google doodle is the best method Google adopted to wish each and everyone in the world a fantastic holiday season. The season of holiday lasts from Christmas time to New Year. People rushes to the main tourist spots with their families and friends to make their holidays amazing and lively. We can the spark of the holiday season everywhere.

The maximum celebrations of the season take place at the midnight of 24th December and 31st December. After the release of third doodle of the series on 23rd a day was left without any new doodles. Then on 24thDecember, the day when everyone dissolves in the peak of enjoyment Google published the last and the most beautiful doodle of the series of Happy Holidays from Google. It was also a continuation of the theme which was followed by the doodle which consisted of Polar bear with children busy in decorative works.

Google Doodle Happy Holidays from Google 2001
Happy Holidays from Google 2001(December 24, 2001)

In this doodle we can see an image of satisfaction. Bear with its children is figured in the doodle standing aside the logo seeing their decoration with great satisfaction.  We can see the happiness of unity and hard work in the face of bear and its children in the doodle.

Doodle indirectly tells the need of unity and hard work to the world indirectly through this doodle to the world.  Light which is lit on the Google doodle increased the beauty of the doodle and also wished the world a new spark and glitter.

The way the Google wished the world was different and creative. It was a great work with simplicity. The message of happiness, unity, enjoyment, satisfaction and fun are conveyed by this series of doodle released on this season symbolically.