Google Doodle German Reunification Day 2007 with Flag

Reunification is the symbol of togetherness and peace. On the anniversary of German reunification in 2007 Google decorated the homepage landed on Germany with a special doodlewith the picture of national flag.

Google Doodle German Reunification Day 2007
German Reunification Day 2007(October 3, 2007)

It was in the year 1990 German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic. After overcoming the objections it was on the day October 3rd the unification process got completed. This process of German Reunification is officially referred as German Unity.

Google Doodle German Reunification Day 2007 replaced the letter ‘l’ in the Google logo with a beautiful flag of Germany. Black, red and golden are the three colors that are seen on the German national flag. These three colors in the flag represents the national colors of the country. Each of these colors are seen in equal proportion as horizontal bands.

The inclusion of German national flag in the doodle shows the importance of reunification in the history of Germany. It was after a series of process Germany got united. After the reunification of Germany there were controversies regarding the name used for representing the day and finally the October 3rd got the name Reunification Day.

German tradition, culture and etiquette makes the country stand over all others. As we can see in most of the countries Germans are also very much interested in fun, celebrations and festivals. Celebration and festival is the time to enjoy and to make the life pleasant and happy.

Germany has got great significance in the world history too. Having the population of 81.6 million the country with 16 states is regarded that have the 16th highest populous country in the world. They are the main leading power that contributes to world economic growth. Apart from this they also have some unique traditions and customs. We have to go deep in to their culture to know more about them.

German Flag [Courtesy:answers]
German Flag
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In Germany there is a tradition of giving gifts whenever you are invited for a party to show your gratitude towards the host for inviting you. Gifts can flowers, chocolates, wine or anything you like. But presenting lilies, carnation flower and German wine are not welcomed in Germany with good meaning.

Apart from having unique tradition, culture, customs and festivals Germany also have many tourist places and it’s a country with great scenic beauty. Romantic Rhine, Frauenkirche, Lindau, Cologne Cathedral are some among the most important tourist places in Germany. People all across the world travel to this country with great historic importance and significance during all seasons of the year. The climate of country is apt for making human life peaceful and easygoing during every time in the year.Google doodle on the homepage of Germany on the Reunification Day announced the importance of the day in Germany.