Google Doodle for Teachers Day 2005

Teachers Day celebration takes place in United States in the month of May. Teachers are the leading lights of our life. They are the one who teach us what is right and wrong. In many of the countries a day is completely dedicated to honor those who take the profession as teaching which is known as Teachers Day. Google doodle on these are seen somewhat different from common days logo.

Google Doodle for Teachers Day 2005
Teachers Day 2005(May 2, 2005)

Teachers Day doodle on 2005 was also special. It included the Google logo as if it is written on a black board. We know the image of black board is incomplete without teacher. I think this is the reason made the doodle designer to take this theme for Teachers Day doodle design.

We can see the clear picture of school class room while seeing Google Doodle for Teachers Day 2005. Inclusion of apple image on the right bottom of the doodle added color to it. Letters in the logo is written in the official logo colors without any variations and change. Doodle designer the significance of the day with its simple but beautiful design.

National Teachers Day celebration in United States is similar to the celebrations in many other countries. They arrange many programs to honor teachers on this week. Awards are given to those teachers in this week who created a change in the society. Teachers are the one who work sincerely for building up good citizen in the world. Teachers Day is observed on the Tuesday of the first complete week of May. Apart from honoring the teachers for their good contributions this day makes children realize the importance of teachers in life.

Tearchers Day
Teachers Day
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A good teacher is that who take care of all his/her students and guide them through the right path in the journey of life. In the history we can see the examples of many teachers who became the inspiration and role models for many students to achieve in life. A model teacher is the one who give what they know and share what they have. Student and teacher relation does not have limit. Teacher is the one who can replace the position of father and mother in a family in leading children to right way.

Anyone can become good teacher in life. The one from whom you study the simplest thing of your life like is also your teacher. There is no age limits for becoming a teacher in life. Even a small baby can be your teach if you got something to learn from him.

Ryan Krug was the one who took the initiative in United States to celebrate a day to show honor and respect to all teachers. It was in 1944 he took initial steps for this. Eleanor Roosevelt and Woodbridge are the others who initiated the works for the proclamation of celebrating National Teachers Day in the year 1953. Until the year 1985 Teachers Day was celebrated on the first Tuesday of the month March. After that year PTA started to observe the first full week of May as the teachers appreciation week. Then the day was changed from first Tuesday of March to the Tuesday in that appreciation week for observing the National Teachers Day

Value of teachers in life is what Google tried to convey by releasing a doodle on National Teachers Day of 2005 in its homepage in United States on May 2nd.