Google honors mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya with doodle on 164th Birthday

Doodle in Russia on 15th January 2014 was to honor the great mathematician  Sofia Kovalevskaya. In fact, Sofiya is the first most known women mathematician of Russia.

Google doodle for Sofia Kovalevskaya
Google doodle for Sofia Kovalevskaya(January 15, 2014)

Google doodle for Sofia Kovalevskaya features everything to make us remember her contributions. Google logo o’s are replaced with Sofia’s image and Kovalevskaya Top. In the background we can see mathematical equation and triangle. Entire doodle is pictured as a collaboration of mathematics and mechanics, two areas for which Sofia is famous for.

Born in Russia, in 1850 January 15th, Sofia had great interest in mathematics. At the age of 11, Sofia started studying calculus from a mathematics tutor. It was her deep interest in studies made her attend university for education during the time when there had many restrictions for women education.It’s Sofia’s uncle peter who inspired her for study of mathematics from younger age.

Karl Weierstrass, the famous mathematician of that time gave guidelines to Sofia in 1870’s in Berlin University. It was in 1874, Sofia got Ph.D from University of  Gottingen. Though there were struggle due unemployment , Sofia got the value for her intelligence and got full professorship during 1880’s.

It was during this period Sofia proved herself as a good writer. Sofia assisted and co-wrote the play ‘The Struggle for Happiness’ during the time. The most known paper that was published in her name was out during this period about rigid bodies. We can see the reflection of this paper in the Google doodle in tribute to Sofia also.

During the life time Sofia had published almost 10 papers in mathematics and mechanics. All of the papers included many valuable theories which became base for later contributions in mathematics. On 10 February 1891, Sofia died due to pneumonia, which became her companion due to depression after failure of marriage.

Sofia was honored with many honors and awards during her lifetime. Most of the memorial activities in her name are conducted for the upliftmend of women in mathematics.